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Databases is established using EPIDATA adaptation 3

Databases is established using EPIDATA adaptation 3

step one which have double input getting structure examining. Most of the analyses was did using STATA version several.0. Shapiro-Wilk test was applied to research normality of the delivery. Student’s t-attempt was used to compare %BF mediocre values between anyone. Concordance involving the %BF measured by Durnin and you may Womersley formula and you will BIA that have the new %BF counted by DXA (simple resource), is analyzed making use of the concordance correlation coefficient (CCC) otherwise Lin plots of land suggested by Humdrum and Altman [twenty-eight, 33, 34]. CCC integrates accuracy and you may accuracy to ascertain whether the observations deflect somewhat in the line of primary concordance (45°). A value of you to corresponds to brand new regression line sleeping just at risk off perfect concordance . The following slashed-out-of factors was indeed accompanied: negligible concordance (CCC = 0.00–0.10); weak concordance (CCC = 0.10–0.39); reasonable concordance (CCC = 0.40–0.69); solid concordance (CCC = 0.70–0.89) and incredibly good concordance (CCC = 0.90–1.00) .

Dull and you may Altman’s protocol has new plotting off good concordance graph (average in the place of improvement), and formula of one’s restrict out-of concordance [twenty eight, 34]. This technique lets the fresh visual analysis of one’s concordance and of the newest 95% concordance limitation.

Ethics recognition and informed agree

This research was used according to direction placed off within the the brand new Report out-of Helsinki. All people gave authored told consent. The research Integrity Panel features accepted older people Investment Goiania (number: ).


DXA and you will BIA was basically did for the 132 users on 1st cohort. All of the details one of them analysis have been usually marketed. People showed large %BF beliefs in most the methods utilized (p Dining table step 1 Many years and various system constitution methods shipments by intercourse

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