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GRINDR – A very dangerous Homosexual App Employed by PRIESTS

GRINDR – A very dangerous Homosexual App Employed by PRIESTS

The guy got talking to a person regarding Lisburn Road inside the Belfast and you may flew a significant visit meet with the child. They’d provided to has anal intercourse to the priest becoming the latest “bottom” plus the kid being the “top”.

Along these lines:

The guy immediately tied the newest priest and you may defeat him so you can a great pulp immediately after which threw him inside a back passage beside soil containers.

Specific sexy some body to the Grindr stole his information and you may images and place her or him towards an excellent paedophilia webpages and you can informed the police.

After an incredibly boring nine days his identity is removed. However, the guy lost their business and has sustained big real and you can mental challenges and an effective litany out of dangers and you may abuse off neighbours.

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