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The fresh lead interpretation associated with Foreign language word is ‘attractive’

The fresh lead interpretation associated with Foreign language word is ‘attractive’

While this is another way to label a woman gorgeous for the Foreign-language, ‘Atractiva’ just express actual focus. Obviously, saying that it to a female could be extremely unpassioned and you can cooler according to the context you’re. Still, it doesn’t mean one to a lady wouldn’t be ready to tune in to one she’s attractive. Ladies huh?

nine. Belleza

‘Belleza’ are an effective and additionally a term you to definitely guys used to name a lady beatiful and it is the newest Spanish interpretation out of ‘beauty’. This isn’t a common keyword to utilize since it are more authoritative: as with English, you would not call ‘beauty’ to all the ladies your satisfy.

In the place of another example of an easy way to phone call a lady beautiful within the Foreign language, ‘Belleza’ is not a keen adjective, as an alternative an effective noun. This means you might have fun with so much more once the a phrase while we need to make use of it which have verbs, you can only use this new verb ‘Ser’.

ten. Divina

That it word ‘s the head translation out of ‘divine’ and only such as English, within the Foreign language ‘Divina’ parece merely put on special occasions otherwise with very special women. While using the ‘Divina’, you should be mindful with the verbs and your purposes.

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If you’d like to compliment new physical charm, then you will want to use Estar. Yet not, playing with ‘Divina’ in the a term otherwise into the verb Ser, you would certainly be writing on new girl’s personality. Jätka lugemist