2012 Ascension : Synthesis of Spiritual Waking and you may Practical Rationality

2012 Ascension : Synthesis of Spiritual Waking and you may Practical Rationality

A free try at the understanding the theoretical maxims regarding the spiritual Earthly Ascension through the use of personal particular crucial principle and practice. Delight in a practical and mental philosophical strategy alongside astral mysticism which structurally imitates Ascension in itself: moving out of duality (mental vs irrational) to Oneness (artificial charm).

Ascension Reinvention

We’re straight back. Your way goes on. 111 and 1111 always come and you may make myself, Ghost and you will Gronos towards stream of heightened ascensionary vibrations.

Through the echoes of meddling previous I became once again forgotten regarding the depth off meaningless action. Cig, pills, manic propaganda, delusional illusions, mais aussi. all the. Brand new down slope from the 9th continued as if my personal sanctuary are simply an aspiration in which the a cure for quality is reached but really glaringly clear. People previous manipulative opinion cycled in the back of my personal head. Thoughts of not only just how to influence anyone else but opinion and therefore secretly controlled personal even with my personal “higher individual understanding.” The latest Ghost chuckled uncontrollably the complete date. The guy knew the long term. He know this new challenge. He organized they.

Particularly Cutty on the good television series New Cord, this new entice stays after one yields to people. The fresh Ghost let sudy me flirt inside it. The choices try mine in the end. Abuse ‘s the endless choice to new vast alternatives activities displayed in daily life. Mars being my guiding entire world, I found the fresh disciplinarian power during my spirit. The brand new Ghost scoffed since if I was toying having me personally, grandeurizing astrological nonsense. Although Capricorn try distinctively set to create and have confidence in solid definition since grounds to live on. Equally very, the fresh Capricorn has eyes hence needless to say pick outside the artificiality of created definition. The paradox was debilitating initially, up coming liberating. The fresh ethereal hall’s I registered and eventually turned into entwined on Ghost within refuge create myself throughout the models I became therefore disabled from the on the exterior. There is absolutely no need to worry. Truly the only reason to be concerned was problems for yourself hence gives alone to harm to others.

Gronos requires your politely so you can click the contributes and check aside some of the thing, only if so that me personally additionally the Ghost to carry on our battle and provide that which we have to give to you.


nine weeks. nine months locked-up on the delicate, clinical environment of modern, volunteer surrender. Lowest hanging ceilings within the rigorous hallways which have a difficult, thin artificial carpet. Doors toward home duration material plated hinges. An assortment of space plans getting single people and you will increases along with the bathrooms if or not affixed otherwise separated. The scents and you may textures out of a cheap hotel however with a great medical twist, an excellent sterilization on higher height. The atmosphere high quality, a recycled and you may stale path in addition to the past attribute, kept the house intolerable. Yea, We have been extremely conservative right here. One to space is actually various other, a space and this opens up to help you a leading roof and out onto a platform, split up ranging from a softer red-colored and mellow red wall surface. Leather pillows towards the wooden frames. A television. A cello. Journals. Ways provides for the kids however for all of us people. A locked cupboard having video clips, video game, and art offers. Customers wandering the newest uncomfortably thin pathways lining the new therapeutic brain, a parade and this moved easily when you look at the vacuum pressure. It faded in these places, just to discover the edges and curves discover meaning while they went nearer the staff as well as the white. At furthest point rest the fresh voice disconnected to your of a lot, sounds which voluntarily quit evidence in order to indict by themselves in front of the latest judge and you will juries. As opposed to this new voices whom end up comfortable regarding the mix of their own reasoning hence of other people, or the patients exactly who has to start towards view from other people to get their own, this new Architect cannot turn out.